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Clear, focused writing and instructional services
for the South Shore of Nova Scotia

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People Say...

Susanne was both my supervisor and mentor when I first began working in the field of technical writing.... Under her guidance, my organizational skills sharpened and my writing certainly improved.  Read more...

People Say...

Susie’s commitment to excellence in the classroom is evident in her knowledge and preparedness, her relaxed and caring delivery and the respect and enthusiasm she builds with her students....Read more...

People Say...

You certainly make a difference in people's lives. Congratulations on the incredible success of this course. Read more...

People Say...

The women are still talking about how much they learned from your [Mechanical Aptitude] workshop (and how the topics were made less intimidating than they expected).  Read more...

In addition to workshops that I’ve already developed, I offer the following services.

I have also offered the following courses, typically through Customized Training at NSCC:

Technical “How-to” Writing Services

A “how-to” document works if the reader can actually perform the procedure as they read the document.   I create documents and training materials that are clear, unambiguous, and usable by the intended audience.

If your company or organization needs documentation, contact me so we can discuss exactly what you need. To determine whether my approach is a good fit for your company, you may want to see samples of the workbooks, DVDs, and training materials that I’ve created. You can also see one style of my writing in columns on Reality Therapy through the blog

Training Customized for Your Business, Employees, or Clients

If your business is on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, and you need training for employees, then your best first step is to contact the Lunenburg Campus of NSCC.

If that solution doesn’t meet your needs, then contact me. I can develop and deliver products for you in two main areas:

  • technical topics at various levels including math, quality assurance, and engineering technology-related skills.
  • “soft skill” topics, including employee motivation, handling work situations, and improving writing or communication skills.

I can also customize training sessions that develop employability skills, that improve math skills for adults who have math-related fears, that improve personal money-management skills, and that help clients gain more control over their lives.

Training for Women in Non-Traditional Occupations

If you are a woman on the South Shore thinking of entering a non-traditional trade or technology, well, “good for you.” It worked for me (years ago) and now there are even more mentors, supports, and opportunities. So, I encourage you to explore your options, including the excellent Women Unlimited program in Bridgewater, for whom I do a workshop focused on Strengthening Your Mechanical Aptitude

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