Focus on Clarity: Clear, focused writing and instructional services for the South Shore of Nova Scotia

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Clear, focused writing and instructional services
for the South Shore of Nova Scotia

Frequently Asked Questions


 What do your services cost?

It depends on what you want. The simple answer is to contact me.

My son/daughter is having trouble with high-school math. Can you help?

Thanks for asking, but I don’t work with children. Grown-ups bring a maturity and life experience that I prefer to work with. And, adults are more likely to appreciate my peculiar sense of humour. You’ll be better off finding someone whose specialty is working with children or teens

What’s with the talk about cats and dogs in math class?

Sounds absurd, eh? But just as you can’t add 3a + 2b, you can’t add 3 cats and 2 dogs. Using cat examples (and other critters) helps to

  • make topics a little less intimidating
  • connect to things you already know
  • have some fun.

Mechanical Advantage starring the Block & Tackle Cat

Do you work outside of the South Shore?

It depends. I prefer to deliver training sessions within Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia. On rare occasions, I will deliver sessions in the HRM.

And while I can write from here for anywhere, I prefer to deal with Nova Scotia-based companies. So, if you have a need for documentation or training material development, you are welcome to contact me.  

I’ve seen your columns on Reality Therapy. Do you counsel using RT?

No. I don’t do personal counseling. Some of the workshops that I offer use a Reality Therapy approach, however, so if you take one of those, you may be able to counsel yourself!

I do help companies and employees when they perceive that they are in difficult work situations.  I call this approach “Reality at Work,” and it’s based on both my Quality Assurance background and the aspect of Reality Therapy that deals with workplaces: Lead Management. I deliver that service in harmony with the approach advocated in the book Employee Motivation by Dr. Robert Wubbolding.  Companies can consult with me if they think that this approach might be effective for improving their workplace.  I want to see happy productive workplaces, so we can all live in a happy productive society.

People Say...

Not many people have the aptitude for Lead Management like Susie does. Read more...

I don’t find some of your jokes very funny.

Firstly, that’s not a question.
As part of my personal quality assurance efforts, I offer feedback forms for practically everything I do. Participants have a chance to have their say. In a recent feedback, one participant wrote,  “I don’t know if you noticed or not, but for some of those math jokes, you were the only one laughing.”

Yes, I do notice. But, it’s OK.
I’ll just keep on telling them until everyone laughs with me. 
Heh, heh, heh!
(Yes, that’s the last laugh…)


And, the most frequently asked question of all...

Why do I have to learn this stuff?


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