Focus on Clarity: Clear, focused writing and instructional services for the South Shore of Nova Scotia

Suze: I explain quality assurance, quality control, math, technical topics, Reality Therapy, Choice Theory, and more...

Clear, focused writing and instructional services
for the South Shore of Nova Scotia



Are you an employer, educator, or institution in Nova Scotia with a need for  documentation, articles, or training materials? Take a look at Technical “How-to” Writing Services 

Are you an employer on the South Shore with a need to train employees? Take a look at Training Customized for Your Business

Are you in a workplace with colleagues who have similar needs? Take a look through my workshop and topic offerings, and suggest that your employer contact me.

Are you a woman on the South Shore interested in entering a non-traditional trade or technology?

Good for you! To help women like you along their way, I have delivered technical material specifically for women, including topics in math and my custom-designed “Strengthening your Mechanical Aptitude” workshop.

People Say...

Learning with Susie is an adventure not to be missed. Read more...

Hi! I’m Suze, and the services that I offer are focused on explaining things. Those services include: 

  • Technical and non-fiction writing. I write workbooks, manuals, instructions, and articles.
  • Workshops: You can choose a workshop from my existing collection for delivery in your workplace, or I can customize and deliver a workshop to satisfy your company’s specific needs.
  • Courses: To meet your training requirements, I will develop and deliver courses that are within my areas of expertise.
  • Training DVDs: Using your pictures and instructions, I can create DVDs to efficiently train your personnel.

Some of my technical topics are or have been offered through NSCC, such as

  • Quality Assurance
  • Continuous Improvement Processes
  • Clear, Effective Writing for the Workplace
  • Math at various levels

I explain non-technical topics too, such as how to...

  • improve your life
  • improve your workplace
  • control your money
  • improve your time management
  • increase employee motivation
  • simply “get along”

Those explanations often take the form of workshops, such as...

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