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What People Say...


As a Quality professional, I gather feedback from my students. That feedback often shows real insight and provides valuable suggestions that I use to improve my work. 

I’ve included some of those anonymous comments below for your entertainment.

One question I often ask is, “If a friend asked you what you thought of this course, what would you say?”

People Say...

You should take it

I would say that I’m learning a lot and find it very interesting

It was the best math class I ever had been in.

Excellent math refresher course. Great for someone who has been out of school for a few years.

Never thought of Quality used in so many ways before. It is in everything, every product, workplace, etc. 

I also ask, “What are you likely to remember in a few weeks or months?”

People Say...

That the F word ... isn’t so scary (That’s referring to fractions, of course)

How valuable this was to me

How exciting math class was

Pretty much everything, I hope!

“What is a ratio? It’s a relationship”    :)

I like to know whether the course/workshop has had any impact on the participants’ attitude.

People Say...

More confident

More prepared

Math ain’t as scary

What else do people say?

Why Couldn't I Get This in School?

Well, maybe Occam can help answer that...

Now, try doing your own behavioural analysis. If you see this in class, would you interpret it as a yawn or a cry for help?

L'il Astro: A  Yawn of a Cry for Help?

I wish our education system had more educators like Suzie ...! In 2004 I was given the opportunity to take my ASQ CQT course through the NSCC. Suzie was our instructor for several modules including a math refresher course and statistical process control. This was an evening course but Suzie was consistently energetic, prepared, and knowledgeable on each topic she taught. She managed to keep an already tired class attentive and eager to learn by relating each topic to our respective needs. I wish I would have had more teachers like her when I was going to school. She was certainly a key factor in successfully achieving my ASQ CQT certification.

Daron Lantz CQT,
Quality Control Manager
Composites Atlantic Limited

You certainly make a difference in people's lives. Congratulations on the incredible success of this course, I don't think you left one learner without a very positive outcome.

Jennifer McDonald
Client Service Assistant
Employment Solutions Society

I have worked with Susie since 2003 on the delivery of numerous training programs for a variety of clients.  Susie’s commitment to excellence in the classroom is evident in her knowledge and preparedness, her relaxed and caring delivery and the respect and enthusiasm she builds with her students.

Learning with Susie is an adventure not to be missed.

Doug Sitland
Business Development Manager

Susanne was both my supervisor and mentor when I first began working in the field of technical writing. Now, years later, I often think back on her sage advice, and I'm still impressed by the humour and insight with which she managed and encouraged her team. Under her guidance, my organizational skills sharpened and my writing certainly improved.

Susanne was always the "go-to" person for help with planning documents, for understanding the technical and informational nuances, and you can always  count on her to follow through: efficiently; accurately; and thoroughly. She brings a reassuring warmth to the driest of subjects, and is as understanding and compassionate a person as you'd ever want to meet.

Glen Srigley
Technical Documentation
Fujitsu Frontech North America Inc.

The women are still talking about how much they learned from your workshop (and how the topics were made less intimidating than they expected), I am so glad that you were able to deliver the session to our group!

Christina Nunn
Facilitator, Women Unlimited
NSCC - Akerley Campus

Hi Susie;
Just a note to let you know that any student of mine who has had you as a Math and/or Physics instructor has given you high praise. To quote a student, "Nobody is able to teach Math quite like Susie. I 'get it' when Susie teaches". When students have had your refresher courses, they come into my program feeling more confident about their math and physics skills. Thanks so much for this.

Ellen Yuill
Mechanical Drafting Instructor, NSCC

Thanks for all your help! The women all speak so highly of you, I hear your praises sung all the time!

Cindy Hall
Workplace Facilitator
Lunenburg/Queens County
Women Unlimited

You will always be one of the best teachers I ever knew; I keep your lab books for Circuits on a pedestal!

Ian Dempsey
Instructor, Engineering Technology

Thank you so much for your insights and, what a difference. I hope you don't mind that I hijacked your suggestions and used them almost are truly talented, Susie

thank you,
Sally Hutchinson
Creator of the workshop: “Colouring Outside the Lines”

Not many people have the aptitude for Lead Management like Susie does. Her talent and interest should be nurtured …

Doug Jones
Real Business Solutions. Inc.
Moncton, NB

Susanne has many talents: in the process of rebuilding our website, she has acted not only as my web expert, but also as a resource for drafting text and editing photos. She has a gift for blending text, photos, and colour...

Perhaps Susanne’s greatest strengths are in her abilities to provide advice and to explain the intricacies of web design and marketing.  Her abilities as a consultant and her high level of service have meant that I can spend more time doing what I do best while she takes care of things. We owe her a big “Thank you!”

Allan Rutherford,
Riverworks Studio

I cannot thank you enough!!!  I give your lectures and handouts 100% credit for passing the exam at this stage.  The module I just completed was my weakest area in quality by far and attending these classes made the difference.

David Williams, CQT
Michelin Bridgewater

I wanted to tell you that having you for a teacher was awesome. You have a great way of teaching and a great sense of humor. ... I just wanted to let you know that it has been a pleasure.

Trudi Pace
Michelin Bridgewater

Just wanted to send you a quick thanks for all you've done for me this year. You've made the CQT courses a joy to take. ...You really are a fantastic instructor and look forward to my next class with you. Thanks again.

Rick Bond
Michelin Bridgewater

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