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Clear, focused writing and instructional services
for the South Shore of Nova Scotia


What do you do? 'splain Things

Learning is serious business.

Light-hearted references to “‘splaining” aside, what you learn, and how easily you learn it can make the difference between feeling successful or feeling like you never quite measure up.

Learning can define whether you have a prosperous and satisfying career or whether you drop out or get laid off.

The learning that happens in your company can make the difference between whether yours is a productive workplace that produces quality products or…not.

I offer for-the-job learning through training sessions, written training materials, written work procedures, or even DVD training materials.

People Say...

...any student of mine who has had you as a Math and/or Physics instructor has given you high praise. To quote a student, "Nobody is able to teach Math quite like Susie. I 'get it' when Susie teaches". Read more...

I understand what it’s like to “not get it” the first time. I know that adults sometimes find it difficult to learn, especially if they’ve had unfortunate experiences in school. I also know that given the right approach, many adults can learn more than they thought possible. For many situations, I offer that “right” approach.

Independence & Self-Reliance

Whether it’s through training or writing, my goal is to help people build their knowledge and increase their skills so they can be more independent and self-reliant

What I bring to the table

  • A capacity to explain. I recognize that folks need to see the relevance of whatever I am teaching or writing about. So along with “how-to” questions, I also answer, “Why should I care about this?” or “When will I ever use this?” When people get those answers, they learn more easily and effectively.
  • Fun. Granted, every session is not a barrel of laughs. (How many laughs in a barrel, anyway?) Dr. Wm. Glasser says, “Fun is the genetic reward for learning” and my experience shows that people absorb information better when they can relax a bit, whether it’s sitting in a classroom or working through a procedure. I bring a balance of humour and substance.
  • Commitment. I attempt to meet you where you are and help you get where you want and need to go. Whether you are in a class with other people, whether I am tutoring you individually, or whether you are reading something I’ve written, I care whether you “get it.”


  • I continue to hold certifications as an Engineering Technologist (CET) with TechNova, Quality Technician (CQT) with the American Society for Quality, and in Reality Therapy (RTC) from the William Glasser Institute. I’ve earned a BA (cum Laude) from Dalhousie and I’m a former member of the Society for Technical Communication.
  • I believe that one vital source of innovation is the ability to apply knowledge gained in one field to other fields. For example, the managerial philosophy espoused by quality guru Dr. W. Edwards Deming is consistent with the counseling approach of Dr. William Glasser of Reality Therapy fame. I connect those dots.


  • I’ve worked in a variety of workplace settings, including an early job that involved designing control systems for sewage lift stations. For me, it’s always been about the glamour…
  • In addition to that sort of hands-on technical experience, I’ve been a technical writer for a leading company in Video Graphics technology, and I’m an experienced technical instructor. If you are an employer interested in contracting my services, I’d be happy to discuss the specifics of my experience with you.
  • Because my main field of technology is considered non-traditional for women, I also know how to succeed, and I’m interested in helping others succeed in a non-traditional environment, whether that environment is a class, workplace, or a social group.
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