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Clear, focused writing and instructional services
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Math, at the Level You Need


Shine, the beagle, starts her new sales career by attempting to sell a better mouse trap to L’il Astro, the cat.

“This trap will cut your mousing work in half!” declares Shine.

L’il Astro says...

I emphasize real applications; where math can make a difference in your life.

Let’s see...
if it takes one beagle an hour to solve an equation, how long does it take 5 beagles to solve 20 equations?  

Best Chance for Success: Hitting the Books

People Say...

...any student of mine who has had you as a Math and/or Physics instructor has given you high praise. To quote a student, "Nobody is able to teach Math quite like Susie. I 'get it' when Susie teaches".  Read more...

Training in Math
at the level you need 

The math instruction that I do is not “math for math’s sake.” Rather, it’s math as preparation for something that matters to you. 

If you’re an adult and you want to learn math now, it’s for a reason. You have a goal. That goal might be to enter a program, to do a job, to pass an employment or pre-employment test. Or maybe it’s because you finally want to conquer some nasty, frightening math phobia that you’ve “always” had. Or maybe you just want to learn how to drive your scientific calculator.

As an employer, you may need your employees to gain a better level of mathematical understanding. Perhaps you have new equipment or new certification requirements. Or perhaps you see that your workforce will be more effective if you can help them raise their skill level.

Whether you need essential skills, a math refresher, or technical math—if you know what you need to know, then we can work out a way to deliver it.

If you are a woman interested in a non-traditional field, then you may already know that your path will be easier if you enhance your math skills. Over the years, I have offered a number of summer math refreshers for women through the excellent Women Unlimited program in Bridgewater; math refreshers that have made a real, positive difference in the lives of the women who have taken them.

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